The Vision

Weyn, LLC is the developer of a robo-financial wellness advisor that educates players on personal wealth concepts as they build fantasy business empires. Our goal is to eliminate financial stress, increase employee productivity and increase profits.

The Problem

A financial stressed employee is not a productive employee. Either they are:

  • Preoccupied at work, not working at 100% capacity
  • Absent from work
  • Disabled
  • sick

Corporate America is losing 298 Billion in profits annually due to financial stress.

The Market

The typical financial stressed employee is a Female between the Ages of 30-44, the Mother of Children with an Income under $60,000

Fast forward 20-30 years...... Guess who is landing in retirement poverty?


Research report after another shows both groups are financially illiterate and/ or financially stressed. Despite their combined spending power of 8 trillion dollars, Women and People of Color are denied opportunities to expand their wealth as financial education does not evolve around their needs and hence, they are landing in retirement poverty.

The Team

Ida Byrd-Hill

Chief Executive Officer

- Financial Wellness Expert -

  • Grew financial advisory firm to 353 million in assets
  • Created a financial education program for UAW/ Chrysler. Trained 1000 hourly employees
  • Graduate BA, Economics University of Michigan and MBA Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University

Kevin Hill

Chief Technology Officer

- Technology Expert -

  • Web Developer, Memloom ¬≠ marketing platform
  • Developed Quicken Loans, The Brain 2014
  • Bachelor in Information Technology Rochester Institute of Technology 4th year student

Ryan Hauer

Chief Quality Officer

- Video Game Expert -

  • Led eight¬≠person production team for Lost Planet 3
  • Video Game Quality Assurance for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • BA, Eastern Michigan University

Tamara Oliverio

Chief Marketing Officer

- Social Media/Sales Expert -

  • Increased app downloads 8 million in less than year
  • Generated $132 million Border Rewards sales
  • Generated media coverage Wall Street Journal, AP, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Good Morning America
  • BA, Eastern Michigan University

The Solution

Research has proven that financial education cures financial stress. The problem is the employees who need financial education the most never attend financial education classes or visit the financial counselor. These employees are costing your company millions in profit. Assist them reduce their financial stress, increase their productivity and your corporate profits will soar.

My Jewel Empire is a robo-financial wellness advisor that looks like the typical mobile video game that can be played anywhere anytime. My Jewel Empire draws employees into the virtual world of financial choices and consequences where they build and purchase various businesses to build empires giving them a chance to understand financial management while taking away the stigma of realizing they are not in a good financial place, which is embarrassing. (US News & Report Money , 2015)

Decrease Employee Financial Stress. Increase Employee Productivity. Increase Corporate Profits.

Do you know how much profit these employees cost your company?

Send us an email and we will send you an Employee Productivity/Profit Loss Statement.

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